Inconsistent cadence reading with Wattbike Atom

Have been using Zwift on my ipad with a Wattbike Atom for about a year now mostly without any problems. However, in the last week in three of my workouts the cadence reading keeps randomly jumping up or down by about 20-30 rpm every 3 or 4 seconds. This has a knock on effect on the resistance when using ERG mode particularly when the the RPM reading drops as the resistance increases accordingly to match the required watts. This quickly becomes very tiring when doing workout intervals at threshhold because the resistance suddenly jumps equivalent to about 100 watts.

Anyone else having this issue? It appears to be only related to Zwift because it doesn’t happen when i’m using the Wattbike app or on Sufferfest.

I re-installed Zwift on the ipad but that didn’t seem to make any difference, any suggestions to fix the issue?

Hi, have been using an Atom for a couple of weeks now having previously had an Elite Drivo. Found it very easy to maintain steady cadence with little varition on the Drivo. With the Atom I am finding the reported cadence in bouncing around by 5-10 rpm either side of what I believe my true cadence is. Does make doing a workout with ERG very challenging! Is there a way of raising this with Zwift and Wattbike.

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I have the same issue
Cadence jumps between 80 and 96 every second or so
Power bounces around 10%
I tried “beta firmware” option on the wattbike but it hasn’t helped
This issue has been unfixed for over a year so I would recommend the Tacx Neo 2 instead (which I also have which doesnt have this issue)

If the cadence is jumping around its likely to be one of 2 things:
You are connected to a secondary device like the Hub as it hasnt shut down properly so check you have turned everything bar zwift off.
The order you started the devices in is out of sync - It can be temperamental if you start the atom after zwift for some reason.

Normally, its the first one and there are multiple devices trying to connect\control the atom

Cadence jumping tends not be linked the erg power movement as these are separate ‘issues’