Wattbike Atom not feeling gradient changes


Just started using zwift on my Windows laptop with a wattbike atom (no ANT+ dongle). It’s working fine with regards to picking up power and cadence but it seems like the controllable trainer function is not working well; there’s no detectable change in resistance on hills (this is in free ride and not a workout) and gear changes feel slightly like the bike is trying to do something on mode (resistance jumps up and down). I’ve tried doing some troubleshooting by updating the firmware on the wattbike, disconnecting and reconnecting the trainer in zwift and upping the trainer difficulty to max on zwift.

Any ideas how to solve?


Hello Peter, same problem for me. Using laptop with bluetooth connection. Searching how to solve this issue…started when Zwift updated 2 weeks or so ago.

Same problem here. Let us know if you find a solution!

Me too. No change of resistance as the gradient changes. Any ideas how to fix?

The specs claim it’s FE-C so the most likely case is it’s paired as a power source not a controller trainer. Verify in your pairing screen that it is paired as a controllable trainer. The other thing to verify is that the trainer resistance is set to something other than 0% (which is should be 50% by default).

These are just the obvious things to check and the issue is probably something more significant but unfortunately, I can’t help. Good luck getting it resolved.

Hmmm, I’ve been using swift with my Atom for a while ( windows/companion set up) I get the issue where the gradient is too ‘registered’ i.e. 3% gradient feels like 8-9% reflected in huge wattage increase, the atom sounds as if it’s quickly selecting gear changes ( although it’s not in ergo mode) :man_shrugging: I’m planning to reset everything and try to resolve as this happened before and doing that seemed to work…watch this space :pray: