Wattbike resistance not changing on hills

Hi everyone, I am using my new wattbike atom with my surface pro laptop. It’s all working fine apart from the wattbike isn’t changing the resistance on climbs or descents.

It’s got the latest firmware and I’ve tried everything suggested. Has anyone got any tips?

Hello! Are you doing free rides or workouts?

Free rides

I am also having issues with the resistance on the Atom Next Gen.

I can recreate the issue by selecting a flat route and slowly build up my cadence to around 70 rpm to warm up, but changing gears doesn’t make any difference to the resistance or the watts produced.
I can increase my cadence to 100 rpm and change up to 22nd gear and I am spinning out. The gears are showing on Zwift they are changing, but not the resistance.
If I push down hard on the peddles and increase my cadence quickly the resistance kicks in and the gears work properly.
I also get the same issue going down hills in Zwift where I am spinning out and the gears aren’t working and then when I hit the bottom of the hill and the gradient changes the resistance kick back in.

I have recreated the issue using 2 different ipads and a WIN10 laptop.

The bike is in an out-building which is 5 meters away from the house. There is only one other BT device in the building which is an Amazon Echo. The bike is about 3 meters away from the wi-fi point in the same room. I have a full wi-fi signal of 70mbps. I have closed all the apps on the Ipad.


I am having the same issue with my Atom Next Gen, gears spinning out in gear 22. It was working fine for the first two weeks, nothing changed. Just suddenly now not working as it should. Is there ant fixes I can do?

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I am having the same issues, bike was working fine for first 2/3 weeks and now it’s spinning out. Did you fix it?

I’ve tried different devices, updating firmware/devices, on off, checked internet etc but nothing