No resitance when climbing

my wattbike wont increase resistance when i climb up hill. its the latest firmware and is brand new and works perfectly on the wattbike app.

Struggled to get hold of zwift to sort the issue out.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it. The bike is brand new

Hi @sebastien_simpson, what device are you using for Zwift and how do you connect/pair to it? Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C?

I am also assuming this is the Wattbike Atom?

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i use my surface pro laptop via bluetooth but i also have a cable between the bike and laptop.

yes wattbike atom next gen

Cable? OK, I’m not that familiar with the wattbike, but the website says it will connect via Bluetooth. Have you tried without the cable? Is there a firmware update maybe?

I have Wattbike atom next gen and found exactly the same issue. Thought it was me not using Zwift correctly. My legs were spinning and found myself riding at 5km/hr.

Thanks for raising the question…

ive tried asking Zwift to call me but no luck they only respond by email and because of the time difference its dragging the whole process out.

I really hope they get back to me as it is ruining my zwift experience

Have you raised the question with Wattbike? Maybe it is a known issue on their side.

No I will do that tomorrow, but when I go on the wattbike app the resistance increases fine which makes me think it’s a zwift issue