Wattbike gear display & gradient issues


I’ve just set up my next gen Atom and I’m running zwift on a windows 10 tablet. The issue I’m having is:

  1. If I connect to the Atom via bluetooth the gears work and display on zwift but when the gradient changes it doesn’t get easier/harder to pedal. It’s as if it’s in ERG mode but there’s no option in zwift to disable or enable ERG?

  2. When I tried to connect via ANT+ everything works but the current gear doesn’t display when I change gears. This is obviously better but not ideal.

I’ve installed the wattbike hub on my iphone but I’m not prompted for a firmware update so I assume there hasn’t been an update yet for the next gen atom? There doesn’t seem to be a way to manually update the firmware? The current firmware version is: 1.03.22

Does anyone know a workaround so I can see the gear change and have the wattbike respond to the incline in zwift please?


I’ve manged to get everything working using the companion bridge to connect zwift to the wattbike.

  1. Install wattbike hub on the device that you run the zwift companion on.
  2. Connect to the wattbike from the hub (it should show as a connected device on your phone/tablet)
  3. Launch zwift. When it get to the connection screen unpair any devices that are connected then click the cog and select use zwift companion.
  4. Close wattbike hub on your phone/tablet make sure it not running in the background. Click pair on any of the types is zwift (cadance, controllable etc.) the watt bike should now appear in the list. The other types should connect automatically, if not select them and pair.
  5. Ride on!

I’ve only done this once so I’m not sure if you need to do this each time or whether it remembers the settings?

You do need to connect via wattbike hub each time before you’ll be able to connect in zwift.

3.5. Make sue you’re running companion at this stage or when you close wattbike hub you’ll lose the bluetooth connection to the wattbike