WattBike and gear changes


I have bought a WattBike Atom NG but no matter what I try, Zwift does not show gear changes on my iPhone or iPad. I have Google and tried a few things mentioned, such as started WattBike hub first, but nothing seems to help. It is set to do gear changes (and they work).

Is this a fault or am I missing something? Do I need Zwift Companion running or do something with that?


You cant use the wattbike hub & another bluetooth connection (e.g. zwift on IOS).

You need to start the Atom, then zwift on Iphone and everything should work.

Ok. I will submit a fault to WattBike and see what they say. Thanks.

That’s not a fault. The Atom only has 1 Bluetooth connection so that is the way it is meant to work.

If you want to use the wattbike hub & zwift together you need to either use Ant+ for the Zwift connection or use a NPE cable or similar.

Hi Lee,

Not displaying/sending gear changes is a fault. I have submitted the question to WattBike, I will let you know what they say.


As I explained, you cant connect to wattbike hub & Zwift on your phone at the same time…

If you solely connect to Zwift on your phone (close the wattbike hub) and restart everything you should get gear display.

Gear display works fine in IOS devices.