Watt bike and windows 10

Anyone on here using a wattbike with zwift on a personal computer?(windows 10)
I can only change gear by running the wattbike hub on quick ride at the same time.
How do I run Zwift without having to start the wattbike hub?, the hub is downloaded on my iPhone not on my pc.
TIA for Any help ……

You should be able to pair your Wattbike as Power, Cadence and Controllable by using an Ant+ dongle connected into your PC.

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Hi James thank you ,As I said my problem is that I can’t change gear when riding on Zwift on my pc without first starting a “quick ride” on the wattbike hub downloaded onto my iPhone and have it running at the same time.
Then I can see the gearchanges on my phone, but not on Zwift.
Surely there must be a way of running Zwift on the wattbike on its own? Of course Everything is already paired .
Thank you Phil.

Just want to make sure you are aware of this other thread. There is a known issue with the Wattbike gear display not working any more, but the folks on that thread are reporting that gear changing is working, just not displaying.

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