Wattbike atom gear changes on PC

Are visual gears only available for iOS for the wattbike atom on swift. Cause I don’t see them on pc or Android ? Any help greatly appreciated

Wattbike Atom gear changes are only shown when using a Bluetooth connection with Zwift. They will not be shown if you are using ANT+

I use Watbike Atom and Apple 4k TV setup (using Bluetooth connection) and can see the gear changes in the top left hand corner.

Not tried myself but I assume a PC setup using Bluetooth would also show gear changes.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Jon.

Yes I’m using Samsung galaxy book windows 10 tablet connected via Bluetooth but it does not show . Shows on wife’s iPad. Also doesn’t show on Android phone via Bluetooth. Just wondered if anyone else has managed via windows.

Thanks again

Latest update includes Wattbike Atom gear changes, thankyou Zwift