WattBike Atom Gear Display

Many thanks Zwift for listening to your WattBike Atom User’s and facilitating on screen gears as requested. Nice. However they’re not yet visible on my IPad. IMac or MacBook Pro. Are they activated yet. Or am I looking at the HUD in the wrong place? Cheers to any users or mods in the know in anticipation.




Should be active by now, was being rolled out gradually.

Top left corner under wattage I believe.  Displays briefly when you change gear.

It works great on my MacBook Pro and looks pretty snazzy to be honest. Better than expected and improves the experience noticeably.  So thanks Zwift for listening.


But it’s not working on my Ant+ iMac or Bluetooth’d iPad. I’ll keep checking though. 

Yeah, I couldn’t see the gear indicator anywhere on screen when I rode on my Wattbike on Sunday (Windows PC) even though I’d done the software update. I’ll hopefully test it again this evening to see if it’s working for me now.

Hi Steve

Good news!  Rode the Stom today. Thought I’d try the iPad just in case there was an outside chance it was there. And … it is!  Blooming great. Completely transforms the experience. So. It’s on for the MacBook and iPad and iPhine. Hopefully the PC should be imminent?  


Meamtime ive chattted with Pete from WattBike re my Atom sounds feedback. Very clever re the technicalities and explained that the various noises when pedalling are to be expected. That being the turbine sound when pedalling. The beeeeeeeping and the dididididit. Dididit. Didit. Did dit. Diddddit. Due to the flywheel and stepmotor continuously microsdjusting to cadence and effort input. 

Sounds like mine is fully as normal wi’ luck. Meantime log into Zwift and see if the Windows version gears are showing under the power reading box top left  


Still not displaying on PC yet, unless I’m looking in the wrong place. Will give it another few days.

Ok. I assume Windows was on the Agenda?   MacBook Pro came about 4days who. iPad was today. 4 days apart. WattBike should know too?  Give them a ring. When it works it’s nit there all the time. A small wee box drops down from the Wattage. Lie box in the upper left then goes back again. You’ll be impressed when it activates. 

Not working for me on PC or Mac.  

Well I tried the iMac today with no joy using a ANT+ stick. Yet my MacBook worked fine as did the iPad. So I can’t work that out because OSX runs in laptop and desktop.

Still not got the gear display on the screen yet for my PC, even though I’ve actually now done TWO Zwift updates since this was launched.

Have been in touch with Zwift about this (ticket 116630) but had no response .

I can’t see them on my MacBook, any tips?

Danny. I have a mid 2014 Macbook with latest MAcOS and Zwift updates and to be honest it works fine on Bluetooth. And on the iPad. But not on my 2010 iMac with Ant+ dongle. So it could be the method of connection via your Mac to Atom. Why not ring WattBike as well?  I find they’re pretty helpful. Some being pretty clued up with Zwift. Others less so. At least you’ll get instant feedback one way or another? 

Thanks Bruce, I am connecting via ant + so it could be that. Will try via Bluetooth tomorrow

Great.  I r cmon that could be it. Lerrus know!

Yep, tried via Bluetooth, worked fine. Thanks for the help. Now Zwift, can you fix the Ant+ connection?

Thanks for getting back, Danny. Great to hear BT worked as it does for me. But. Like you Ant+ still doesn’t. 


What advantage has Ant+ over BlueTooth. Is it more suited to the Atom?  More responsive?  If so then maybe we should be asking Zwift Tech why it’s not appearing?





Hi all - just an update on this. The release notes were more vague than they should have been, and we’re sorry for the confusion on this one.

After investigating this with the dev team, we were able to get a full breakdown of how this should work:

  1. The shift indicator should appear below the current numbers HUD element in the top-left.
  2. The shift indicator will not appear over ANT+ due to technical limitations.
  3. The shift indicator will appear over Bluetooth; HOWEVER, there is a bug with it not showing up over the Mobile Link Bluetooth bridge. We’ve documented this.

We’ll update that known issue post once once this is fixed. Thanks!

Thanks for the update, Jason. Couple of queries, please:

  1. Can it never work on ANT+? Or might it work in future subject to future updates of Wattbike  and / or ANT+ firmware?

  2. Once the Bluetooth mobile bug is fixed, will it work OK on Windows PCs and Mobile Link over Bluetooth?

Yes. Thanks Jason. I also have a question. What advantages has Ant+ got over a Bluetooth connection. If any. Does it have less lag or snappier responsiveness. Or is it simply just an alternative Connection method only?