Wattbike Atom gears don’t work on Zwift but work on Wattbike Hub

I’m hoping someone can help me to work this out. I can’t change gears on my wattbike atom when using Zwift but the gears shift fine when using the wattbike hub app. I’be just had brand new electronic shifters fitted and paired and new batteries in the shifters but I’m stuck as to what to try next. I also just updated my Zwift app to the latest version.

I found some old topics on this but nothing recent so I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and managed to fix it.

Thank you!

Hi @Sharon_Taylor7772 welcome to Zwift forums.

Is it possible that the shifters are paired to the Wattbike app already? If their Bluetooth signal is already bound to the Wattbike app, the Zwift may not be able to see it’s available because it isn’t.