Workout #2 - Sprints - Cadence Mismatch CA and PC

Hey folks, the cadence “suggestions” for each segment of the Sprint Workout are different between the Android Companion App and the PC app. My FTP is ~260, and during my 145W segments the PC kept telling me to spin at 90RPM, while the Android App kept telling me to spin faster (at 105RPM).

Also, as a few others have pointed out, the (maybe 4th?) sprint that is preceded by a 30s very low power segment is really deceptive. Just before starting that 30s segment the on-screen prompt is something like, “ready? CRUSH IT!”, instead of something like “30s of low power before hitting your 4th sprint”, and as I spun up to do what I thought was the 4th sprint I was suddenly pushing air and didn’t get my star. Same as the low power 30s segment after the standing sprint. My (Wahoo) trainer couldn’t engage and recalibrate the erg fast enough from 1200W to 90W for me to get the star. Maybe take a look at this?


Not helpful I know but I have exactly the same issue. It’s a hard workout made even more difficult by this issue. I am using a Computrainer, so not trainer specific I guess.