More proofreading

Following on from this post,there are more proofreading errors Training plans need some serious proofreading

Unfortunately, things fly past while I am doing them, so I can’t give you exact screens, but I did the Fondo training a couple of weeks ago, and in one of the screen, instead of “here” there was the word “hear”.

Recently, I started the Gravel Grinder workout (and am only 4 workouts in, so it must be in the first 3), either the sentence should have had the word “but” and it had “bit” or vice versa.

Found another example today. Gravel Grinder on in the “Building Climbs” workout, segment 12/19. “Shouldn’t” is spelt “Shoudln’t”

That one should have been picked up by a spell checker…

Another example in Gravel Grinder in the High Cadence workout, somewhere in the middle efforts, it should read something like “100 rpm, keep up the good work”, but it says “100 rpm, Keep up the good work”. The weird capitalisation is not followed in any of the other messages (I could be convinced that, well it’s wrong, but it’s consistent, but it’s not consistent)

Another mistake. In the Endurance building workout of Gravel Grinder, section 11/25, “but” should be “bit”

Thank you for the heads up @Fabian_Dal_Santo!

Week 4 Sweet spot builds.

Segment 3 I believe. “that” should be “That”