Coach comments are wrong within workout

I did one of the Whoop workouts earlier, as I was in need of an active recovery session I picked a Red day session, the on screen comments referred to it a few times as being a green day session.

No affect on the training effect but it’s feed back all the same :grinning:

Thanks, I’ll pass this on.

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ooh ok!

I can’t be specific but the comments in my workouts, FTP Builder, were occasionally wrong too.

Just minor things like referring to the last block effort as if it was the first, for example.

Trivial, you may think, but as I was sweating away trying to do as I was told, I got thinking that if the comments are wrong, where else are they lacking?
Is this workout just thrown together?

And yes, they are just typed comments but on a couple of occasions, I’ve winked at the screen, said “■■■■ yeah!” and pushed that little bit harder.
They are cheesy but they work.

Even noticed a few funnies in there and lolled out loud.

I can imagine it to be a real hassle to get them all correct but we are cyclists.
We like things to be right.