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The Dirt Destroyer workout program has numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in each of their workouts. Some are as “simple” as using its instead of it’s. Others involve using possessive instead of plural (todays vs. today’s). Some include using the preposition to instead of the adverb too. I have done 5 workouts (Week 1 + first workout of Week 2) so far and have found errors in every single workout; although some are repeats, there is always a new one to catch my attention. I’ve written to Zwift Support and they encouraged me to use the forums. So here I am. I encourage Zwift to look into the Dirt Destroyer workout (and it wouldn’t hurt to look at all the different workout programs) and ensure that the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other conventions are correct. Zwift reaches many people around the world and should set the bar high for not only their great workouts, but also the workout words. Thank you for your attention.

These workouts are made by people not robots mistakes happen because there is a lot of text to write but I see your point

Trina, I’ve been writing workouts for my own use. I found that when it comes to workouts with text, it is much easier to write them in a text editor as straight XML. I can tell you that it is not complicated, but it includes a learning curve (which may be easy or difficult depending on prior programming experience): for example, one has to figure out how to correctly enter characters such as apostrophe (’) or quotation marks ("). They have to be replaced with special strings of characters. Otherwise, the workout may not validate and will not appear in Zwift. Your examples, specifically those where apostrophe is missing, potentially indicates that the coach who wrote these workouts ran into .zwo validation issues and through trial and error learned to not use some of the punctuation characters. How to do it correctly is not documented formally by Zwift (although it is not really new), and the person who wrote it may have not known any better. Just my two cents…

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It’s @Shayne-Gaffney’s fault, he was out sick that day in elementary school. :wink:

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Hey @Mike_Rowe1, thanks for the call out, but I can’t claim responsibility for Dirt Destroyer. That plan was created by Coach Matt Rowe - any relation to you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Trina_Roth apologies for the errors in these workouts. I am, slowly, working my way through the legacy workouts and training plans. Thank you for your patience.

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probably a very distant relation to @Matt_Rowe, according to I am 15% Welsh.