What happened to my workout?

I just finished doing the without of the week. Everything appeared to finish up as usual, but when I noticed it not showing up in Strava I looked at my history in the companion. It’s not there. How can I troubleshoot this?

Hi @David_Goldberg, welcome to the forums. There are quite a few David Goldberg’s listed in the companion app under Find Zwifter’s, so I’m not sure which one you are. I checked most of them and didn’t see any workouts from today.

The common cause for this is losing your network connection during the ride, if you aren’t connected then the ride won’t save to the Zwift server or transfer over to Strava. There is no way you can manually add this workout in Zwift like you can in Strava. You should be able to upload it to strava if you have the fit file on your device and it isn’t corrupted by losing network connection.

Thanks. There’s no evidence of the ride on my computer either. I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it😀. I saw no evidence of a network drop - I’ve had that happen before and it’s always been pretty traumatic when it does. I’ll just see what happens next time I guess.

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Any chance you may have also logged in to Zwift on a second device?

It seems there’s something "special"about this step down internal workout of this week. I just rode it again and the same thing happened. I even put my glasses back on prior to hitting the stop and save buttons on the companion app to make sure I wasn’t fat fingering and hitting the discard button. It clearly said “saving” but it didn’t and there’s no fit file for the ride in my folder. I am only logged into Zwift on the one PC and in the companion app.

Next time I’ll try a different ride and see if it happens with that. I don’t recall when I got the latest update so it’s possible these are the only two rides I’ve done with it.

Are you using One Drive? Or are there any other apps or settings which don’t allow Zwift to save to your Documents folder?

Take a look at this experience as well


Bingo! I’ve now allowed Zwift in Defender. I’m surprised by the timing because the change in policy apparently happened after patch Tuesday, but whatever I expect it will work properly next time. Thanks!


OK, I’m back up and riding! In addition to ZwiftLauncher.exe I ended up having to add both ZwiftApp.exe and ZwiftWindowsCrashHandler.exe to the Allowed Apps in Controlled folder Access. After a short 1.5 mile test ride, the xml files were updated, new Log, Launcher_Log, CP and .fit files were created, images were stored, Ride Ons received and ride uploaded to Zwift and Garmin. All good it seems.

The other way to handler this would be to disable Controlled Folder Access, which is still a possibility for me. The only thing that might have happened since my previous saved ride, although I don’t know why it would matter, is that I cleared my Chrome cached files and images and Cookies.

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