Lost workout on Dashboard

(Paul Linck (ATC)) #1

I did a ride today and tried to pause and then stop when I was done. Instead, I closed the program. The good news is my ride was saved in the ZWIFT directory but it does not show up in my list of rides on the dashboard. Oddly, the total miles I have logged includes this ride but the ride itself is not listed.

Also, it did not send to Strata automatically like it is supposed to - I assume that is because it closed before it could. Seems like this housekeeping should be dealt with before aborting the program.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Good catch, you’re totally right. Clicking that ‘X’ in the top right does make everything save properly except that the activity data file will not get uploaded.

Thanks for reporting the issue, I’ll add it to the list.

(Emrys Cupcake) #3

Hello, I think this happened to me too. My stats bar shows I rode, but the ride itself is not showing in the dashboard. Is there anything I can do?

(Peter Herrick NCVC) #4

Same issue here. I hit save + strava but the ride seems to have vanished – no sign of it on my dashboard or on strava.

(Alan Wyers TFC Racing) #5

I have a similar issue, my dashboard totals do not match the activities I have completed. No issues with saving to Strava.

(Pedro Peralta WWR) #6

My ride does not show in the dashboard, but the km did get logged.  Where is my ride file?  It did not save in the Zwift fit folder?


(Brandon Hines) #7

I am deciding if I would like to subscribe to Zwift, but it has lost one of my two test rides.  Is this the norm?

I found the ride in the “secret 3xTap” on the Zwift logo [iOS], but the file will not upload to Strava.

This is seeming like more trouble than it is worth.