Missing rides/activities?

I have completed several rides but they are not listed on my dashboard. The data for totals hours and miles etc is there but no specific workouts. Also, my workout from today did not list in Strava. Is it possible that an upload from Training Peaks caused the one from Zwift to be overridden?

Hi Amy,

With the time difference regarding time zones, your Strava workout will most likely be listed tomorrow. As for your Dashboard being empty, please drop us a support ticket with the log files from those rides and we’ll look into it!

Here is the solution:  http://www.johnstonefitness.com/2015/04/29/clearing-up-the-zwiftstrava-timestamp-confusion-with-solution/

For two days now my rides are not being logged either.  As I’m riding, everything seems fine. When I stop, it goes to the screen asking if I want to end the ride. When I click end, it ask if I want to discard or upload to Strava.  When I click upload, everything seems fine.  When I log into Zwift, my activities are not showing.  It appears that my total time is increasing.  Nothing going to Strava either.

I rode on 27 and 28 Nov.  Two of my workouts and normal ride are missing.  I make sure I clicked SAVE.  Please help.

I am also missing a ride, along with achievements and for some reason, my level has not been updated either. VERY frusterating!