Getting Back to Your Avatar

(Jeff Preston65+@BNC) #1

The other day I somehow got connected to a different rider than mine. I’m not sure how it happened but when it did, My name was no longer on the visible list. I assume I was somewhere else on the island outside the proximity of the rider I was seeing. Is there a key to jump you back to your own avatar?

(Brian Hill) #2

If you can find your name on the list to the right, clicking on it will bring you back to yourself. I think the list is sorted by distance away from whomever you’re currently looking at - so clicking to other folks should bring you closer to yourself eventually.

(Percy Zahl) #3

I guess you clicked on the “other” rider in the list on right – this shows you the dash/data and view of that rider.
Just find yourself and click on your name and you are back. If you are out of the current view range, click a few riders to go up or down in time!

I am not aware of any hot key to get back to your own view – can image there is one, any one knows?