When selecting other riders from the list, how can I get back to my own!?

Hey guys,

still somewhat new to Zwift - or at least new to group riding, haven’t done anything besides the Build Me Up plan for these past months.

When riding in a bunch, e.g. during ToW, I can click on other riders in the list to watch them, give them ride ons, etc.

But then how do I get back to my own avatar!? My name keeps jumping around in the list, so it seems impossible to 1) find my name again and when I’ve the found it 2) be quick enough to click it.

Is there an easy way to center the view back on my own avatar?


Sure there is a easy way, if you look on the bottom left you will see a button “back to me” if you click that you will go back to your own avatar.


Embarassing. Thanks.

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No problem.

I do think that button should be moved closer to the right, you have to scroll all over the screen if you want to go back to your own view.

Or at least a keyboard shortcut.