Camera view return to view 1 after giving Ride On

This may be a software defect or a feature. I prefer riding in camera view 3 but when I give a Ride On to some one it returns me to the default camera view 1. Then I have to switch back to view 3. This happened as recently as yesterday when I was doing a repeat ride in ToW stage 1 course B. It does not matter if doing a standard ride or a group ride. It also happens when going from a standard ride, in which I use camera view 3, and I select go to event like the ToW stage. When going into the event starting gate it places me in camera view 1 or the default.


If you mean by clicking on someone’s name via the leaderboard on the right hand side of the screen, then it’s always gone back to camera 1 when you return to yourself.

That is correct. It does do that, but should it?
Also, if riding in camera view 3 and you switch to another world for an event it switches back to camera view 1. It would be nice if it retained/remembered your settings.


I don’t disagree. One of very many ‘but why…’ aspects of the game.

Hi Bob and Dave, my name is Alex!

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I’d like to reassure you that I have passed on this feedback to our development team!

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Thanks for the interest, however the underlying solution would be to make giving ride ons to individuals easier and more intuitive in the first place. Having to click on their name which is moving around in an ever-changing list is frequently very frustrating. The camera changing thing is a secondary issue really, and is only notable because you have to fan view someone to send a ride on.

One straightforward improvement would be to double the time it takes for the ride on icon to disappear (used for returning one). It goes off far too quickly.


Yeah, the time the icon now appears on screen is pretty much exactly as long as it takes for me to find my mouse cursor, missing it by a fraction of a second is extra frustrating so I have basically stopped even trying. Clearly whoever decided what the time should be was only using a touchscreen.