Changing Views

I can’t be the only person that has a preference for the view when I’m cycling on Zwift. When I do these Zwift Insider Tiny races on a Saturday morning, in every single race I have to adjust the view to my preference (3rd person). Please, please can we have the view as a preference that we can keep permanently. I always use the third person, and I suspect most people probably do.

I totally support your request to have the selected view be “sticky” - great idea - but I’d absolutely love to know what you’re basing the quoted assertion on. :blush:

ETA: 3rd person is the default view, so I’m guessing you meant 1st person :man_shrugging:t2:

I do want 3rd person view, and it doesn’t default to anything on mine; just scrolls through them all.

I could be wrong with my assertion though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is only the default action in the pens, which it stops within the last minute or so before the ride/race starts; 3rd person view is default.

(However, there should indeed be a menu setting to choose default view)

Agreed. I’d love to set 1st person as my default view. Every time I ride, I must make this change manually.

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I did a Zwift race today and it was still scrolling through the views 30 seconds before it started, so I had to manually enter it again.

It keeps scrolling when the race starts?

It might only stop 10 or 15 seconds before, it might be a few secs after 30 to pens releasing; I do not remember.

I just know it does stop.

If it’s changing during an event… something is definitely not correct.

I didn’t wait until it started; I’ll try that next time. Though I can’t see the point of all the scrolling. How would you know it was going to switch at the end?

I prefer 1st Person view and set it as soon as I start riding. If I select a ‘nearby rider’ to give a Ride On to then select me again, it returns to 3rd person view instead of what I selected when I started riding. I’d like to set once and forget it.