Rider view

I am curious what view others use while riding and racing in Zwift. I typically ride in view 3 but was wondering if there is an advantage to any of the other views?

Ed K

Hi Ed, it may be good to point out what the view number is/means.
Why am I saying this? because if I change views on the AppleTV, view 3 is the one I normally choose as well. Description: you are seeing “yourself” from behind and not close. If I change views from the companion app it circles from many views (apparently the total is 9) but skips (what would be) nr 2 and 8, so if someone is only used to change camera angles on the companion app they will tell you “I’m normally on nr 2” by mistake, hope this makes sense.

went ahead and searched for them, from here:
zwift . com/news/4671-zwift-how-to-changing-your-camera-view

  • #1: Forward facing - Medium distance chase cam (Default)
  • #2: Forward facing - Short distance chase cam
  • #3: Forward facing - First person POV
  • #4: Rear facing - View yourself from the front, at an angle
  • #5: Forward facing - A low angle, free-floating chase cam
  • #6: Rear facing - View from the front, see who is on your rear wheel
  • #7: Side facing - A sideline flyby camera view
  • #8: Helicopter chase perspective - Just like on TV!
  • #9: Overhead View - Get a top-down view of all the action
  • #0: Drone View - Use the arrow keys, +, and - keys to move the camera around your avatar. You can hit 0 in any camera angle above to activate drone view

I think that list only applies to Windows and Mac clients though, doesn’t it? E.g. Android doesn’t have 9 and 0. I’m not sure that Apple TV has them all either, though I can’t check that right now.

Don’t think it has anything to do with the platform where zwift is running (that makes/has the difference). Like I wrote in my text, the difference is when you cycle via the companion app (mine is on Android) it skips 2 camera angles, #2 and #8. If I use the remote for the AppleTV I can choose any camera angle.

When I mentioned Android I was talking about the Android Zwift client. Not Zwift Companion. So they’re not all there. Like I said, I haven’t compared to Apple TV but it’s good if they’re all there on that.

Apple TV only shows 8 camera angles. I just tried it. So that’s two more than via the Companion app, but two less than what that article says (which is presumably for Windows, and probably Mac).

Drone cam is mega. Well apart from when it takes you off your route.

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Thanks for clarifying, Steve!