More Keyboard Shortcuts

So here we go.

I realize that the only reason for me to have the companion app open while riding is to give fellow riders a ride on. That seem like an overkill doesn’t it. I have a keyboard on my handlebars so that I can chat and interface with zwift, but one of the things I can’t do is just give a ride on to those around me.

Yes I can click the person’s name using a mouse (or the KB track ball) but what is easier than just pressing a button. The little circle on the companion app is awesome, but why o why can’t it be on the keyboard.

I like giving ride ons to people that ride with me for some time that is why I open the companion app everytime I ride, but why make it so hard, we like to be social but giving a ride one’s is so hard.

Do you use a Keyboard while Zwifting

  • Yes I do use a Keyboard
  • No I don’t use a Keyboard

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i’d like them to enable bluetooth keyboards for the android app so when using my tablet i can use the same shortcuts

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I do use a keyboard, but it’s a bit of a stretch to reach it as it remains on my computer desk. Mainly use it to press F10 to take ride photos or change the camera angle with the numeric keypad. I know I can use the Companion app to do these things, but that runs down my phone’s battery so quickly, meaning I have to keep it on charge and my nearest power socket isn’t close enough to keep the phone on the bike.

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power banks are your friend :slight_smile:

True but running a phone for hours on end while charging just to tap a few ride one’s does not seem like optimal usage. Also the phone run pretty warm and I am sure that is the reason why my previous phone died way before it should have. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

phone heat is directly proportional to the watts you are putting out in zwift - that’s science! :wink:

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