During event actions

Wondering how people type during a ride?

Some people have laptops or bluetooth keyboards on desk surfaces just in front of their handlebars. Most of the time when I type a chat message during a ride, it’s on my phone that is running Companion, held in a case attached to my bike stem.

They pay for a Secretary to type as they puff n pant out words as their HR is off the scale.

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I pedal with my legs, I type with my fingers, what’s the problem here?


I can lean over and try to use my desktop keyboard. It seems there is a box to type in pre race, but once the race starts I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore. When I tried it, I ended up bringing up menus instead and my avatar stopped completely. :woozy_face:

Matt, if you’re on a PC, try the keyboard shortcuts listed in this article: Zwift Keyboard Shortcuts | Zwift Insider

For bringing up the chat message window during a ride, type M, for example.

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I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Wait! You have to press spacebar to use a powerup? Like one of those things that spins like a slot machine???