Voice to text?

I did a small group ride today that required much messaging to coordinate/communicate. It’s very difficult to type while riding hard, and as I was doing it one of the riders in my group sent a message that said it was much easier to send text messages using the iPhone app. Which got me to thinking… Could Zwift use the voice to text capabilities of the iPhone as a temporary bridge between typing text messages and full-blown audio support?

I’ve use voice-to-text on the android app quite a few times (just have to turn the music down so my voice is clear). Not sure if iProducts can do it, but on android if I just click in text entry field I can hit the microphone button on my keyboard and google does the rest.

Actually I think voice-to-text would be preferred both from a technical perspective as well as a riders perspective–unless you isolated voice to people within N meters of you, your ride would sound like a noisy bar with a couple dozen people talking at once.

I see no reason that Zwift couldn’t use the iThing and Android built-in feature for this.

The behavior is the same on iOS: push the microphone button. It actually works pretty damn well and unless I’m in a quiet/private place I use that exclusively to pen my text messages.

If using the app store apps there should be a way to use this feature automatically and not have to perform the extra tap(s)

Good news. I didn’t try it before posting this (been using my wireless keyboard), but I will be using it on tomorrow’s ride.

Does iOS not have this built in? For me on Android my keyboard gives me the option of voice to text and its great.

I am so dumb, why didn’t I think to do this all along.

Tested this today and it worked really well. Switched my music from speakers to headphones to reduce background noise, but might try it with speakers next time.

There is a problem with the Android-app - that the text-field is very small. When “speaking” a full sentence into it, it is impossible to see what you are going to submit. Might be an idea to make the size of the text-box increase dynamically as you “speak” into it.