Newbie help please

Hello. Can someone please let us know how you guys are chatting on the runs. I have my tablet whilst running and still can’t type and run. The chat was so fluid as well think I spelt the letter k ha ha? Thank you and how do you give ride ons please whilst running I click everything apart from the ride on emote. Thank you

I find it a bit of a pain. I prefer to run with just IPad and not ideal for messages. Once or twice I have tested with using laptop for game and have IPad connected as my Companion App which is better.

Video link might help explain.

Edit: forgot to say the voice to text option is best for me and only involves 2 or 3 clicks on the CA, no typing but must be able to dictate accurately. Easier when walking/jogging harder when at near full speed.

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Hi Mark.

I have a mini keyboard that i can hold in my hands and type whilst running.
I’ve tried voice to text but can’t get it working very well.

With practise my keyboard method is easy.

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What keyboard do I use and what do I need to do please? Can you just leave chat open or do you have to click around. ? How do I give ride on when someone’s passing? Do I just click their name? Or do I just press ride on when I see them passing? Thank you much appreciated:

I have a PC so this won’t work for you Mark but i use this which is a keyboard and mouse. You can then move the pointer over the nearby list and a thumb appears next to the name for you to click.

The audible rides on actually does nothing.

Mark, this next video goes into more detail and covers the giving of 5 Ride Ons to nearby runners and riders.

If you have a mobile phone then that should be able to work as your Companion App.

Best to practice/test your use of voice messaging and giving Ride Ons well away from the treadmill. You can skip the pairing option or choose just watch option.

Not sure how useful this is: