Communicating While Running and Pacers

So the other day I think I was in a dusk patrol run and couldn’t keep up, the leader kept saying “are you ok?”, I didn’t know how to reply.    Today I went in Group B dusk patrol and the leader took off at 8.5 mph (instead of the designated time of 7.5) so I dropped out immediately, is there a way to text leader?


It would be cool to have designated/volunteer pacers for when someone is trying to beat a PB, I’d gladly participate on both ends.

I can see how that would be frustrating! There are a few ways you can chat with someone: 

  • Through the Zwift Companion app. If you follow this person or they follow you, you can direct message them while you’re both on a ride. 
  • On Zwift on PC or Mac press M to enter group chat and send a message to riders nearby. 

The volunteer pacers is a cool idea! I’ll log it and forward the suggestion over to the appropriate departments.