Mari Holden

I just won a prize on a recent race in Zwift, the race leader Mari Holden sent me her E-mail address in a message whilst riding and told me to E-mail her.

Im new to Zwift so thought I would be able to check back on these messages after the ride, but it appears I can’t. Any idea how you contact a Race Leader on Zwift?

I had a similar situation and I went to Strava and looked at the people I rode with. Amongst the names was the ride leader. After selecting them I was able to send a message at Strava.

You could look them up in the Companion App. Then choose Activities and click on their most recent ride and leave a message there.

Hi @David_Harrison2

You can also open your Log.txt file of that ride and search for “Chat:” all the chats will be in that file.

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Thanks, I will try that!

You’re a lucky fellow to get Mari’s email address! :wink:

Gerrie that’s a great tip! TY

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