New User Feedback + 2 Queries

Had two trial period rides and am loving it so far. Looking forward to doing an FTP test when I am rested enough and racing ultimately. Will definitely sign up for full membership in the next few days.

Two problems I am having at the moment though that someone might be able to help with.

  1. How can I start at a certian position on a route?

  2. Is it possible to watch a race in progress? I can’t seem to work out how to locate a rider to follow say entered in a race about to go off.

  1. As of right now you can’t

  2. Yes, some races are broadcast on Facebook, YouTube or


Thanks Paul.

If you have Zwift open, you can got to the ZML app (Zwift mobile Link, available for Android and Apple) and search for the person you want to see, in there profile you will see a option to watch them. 


I hope this makes sense. 

Yes, I guess so Gerrie. I need to search a certain race to see who is entered, pick a rider and follow her or him.