Zwift racing app - cant find rider ID

Hi there

Ok so I, trying to find my rider I.d and it simply cant locate me . I have registered on Zwift power and a few races have been logged , i sourced my Swift I.d from there and then entered this on Zwift racing app but still no joy .

when logging in it asks if I want to sing in with Strava which I did .

Any ideas?

After you login, at the top right click on your user icon, then click on settings, it will appear there in a box to the left

Hi Jason

Sadly its not there , when clicking on profile and settings it just displays my email address and a prompt to add my rider I.d

and my profile prompt is greyed out …

Here’s a picture of that particular page

You need to claim the rider profile

Thanks Jason

So how do I do that when after typing my name it doesn’t appear but other “Mavin’s “ do …

Sorry for being a Luddite!

I’m assuming that the chase race you did won’t show up in due to the format, similar to how no WTRL ZRL events count towards because of how they handle points races.

Try a standard scratch race and then try again.

Hi Mike

ahh ok , maybe that’s the reason !

Strange that i needed to have a scratch race under my belt to allow the profile to pull through to the ZR app.

Ok,I’ll try that

Much appreciated

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Hi, did doing a race solve this and allow your profile to show so that you could claim it?

Hi there

Yes this rectified the problem within about 1 hour of completing the race.

Many thanks







ahh right, nice one Paul.
I have a friend (potential teammate) with same issue.
Looks like he will miss tonights drs race then.
Thank you