ID Number

How do I find my Zwift ID number if I’m away from my laptop that I use to ride with?

If you are registered on Zwift Power you can find it under Profile->settings.

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Update: Here’s a simpler way that Jesper pointed out, for anyone else looking for the same thing:

How technical are you? =) Here are some instructions that might work for you if they make sense (these are using Chrome):

  1. go to and log in
  2. press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the “Developer tools”
  3. make sure the Network tab is selected:
  4. press F5 to reload the page
  5. in the ‘Filter’ box, type ‘activities’:
  6. click on one of them. In the panel on the right look for “Request URL”. Your ID is there after /profiles/:

i.e. my ID is 40771

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Hi Caisa.
Thanks for the reply, that’s what I need it for :grinning:

Thanks Daren.
Very clear and precise instruction. :+1:


Daren’s approach is absolutely correct but it can be done even faster:

  1. go to and log in
  2. Hover over the first ‘Download’ link - then your ID appears as highlighted in the link shown in the bottom left corner of your browser (Chrome)



Good point @Jesper_Rosenlund!

That works too.
Thanks Jesper.

Thank you Darren, but how do I get my 4 digit number?
Zwiftpower cannot find a rider with my zwift id.

I hope you might have a solution for this too!

Have you been to and opted in to share your data with ZwiftPower?

(Should say “Opt out” if you have, and “Opt in” if you haven’t done it yet - you must do it to use ZwiftPower)

Hi Daren,

I did that but it does not work. I read that many more people suffer from it and hoped that you might have a solution.

You are 100% not opted-in on your zwift profile.
Look at Daren’s image again and compare it to yours.
The error you have encountered is because you are not opted-in.

Hello! Ive the same problem, Zwiftpower is always telling me "Cannot find rider with that Zwift ID" although im logged in to my Zwift Account…

You might be logged in to your zwift account but you have not opted-in to ZwiftPower on your connections page.

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Oh no…! :see_no_evil: Thank you very much, now it worked!!

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