Make Zwift ID Easily Accessible

Needed my Zwift Id to sign up for WRTL, so went to my Zwift Profile on the site, thinking that would be the most logical place to see my Id, but, it was not there.

Ended up having to Google how to, and found a support article that has some convoluted archaic steps to find it.

Long story short, go to Activities, view your Activities, click on an Activitiy, find and click on the Gear icon, put your mouse over the Download Fit File, and find your Zwift Id in the download URL (Hint: Copy the download URL and paste it, then get your Id from that).

Why does it have to be like this? Why can’t it just be in some label on my profile page?


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Log into Zwiftpower goto your profile and it will be in the adress bar.

Or How to Find Your Zwift ID | Zwift Insider.

As Dave said: Your Zwift ID can be found in the desktop version of Zwift by going to Documents->Zwift->CP. The folder names here (eg, “user123456” use the ID’s of every Zwifter who has ever used your computer.

Both of those are third party services, and if I’m new to Zwift I’d have no idea to go to either one of them

And if I want my Zwift Id, I should easily be able to get it in Zwift (without having to Google it)

Makes sense to have it clearly visible in my Zwift profile.

Has there been no improvement in this whole crazy account creation/linking process since Zwift too over ZwiftPower?

This has nothing to do with Zwift Power. Needed it for some other site.

If I was new to Zwift, I’d most likely not know about ZP. And there’s a lot of people that have been on Zwift for years that don’t want a ZP account.

Most people would probably still need to Google it, even if it was in their profile page. For example it’s not uncommon for people to ask what their current FTP is (which is in the same place).

An even better suggestion would be to have Zwift as an identity provider so that other sites (Zwift Power, WTRL, etc.) could use Zwift login and we wouldn’t have to have a separate user for all these 3rd party sites. No one would have to know their Zwift ID, just their Zwift username and password.


You need it just once, when registering - or am I missing anything?

It should work the same way as when you use your Google or Strava (identity providers) username/password to authenticate. You get redirected to the identity provider and get a question if you want to give the 3rd part site access to some of your personal data, before you are sent to the identity provider’s login screen. The Zwift ID is just an internal Zwift ID and shouldn’t be used by 3rd party sites (ideally).

Strava does that
Bit Zwift, there’s sites that require your ID, hence why there’s articles on how to get it (such as Zwift Insider).
In a perfect world, you’d be right. They could have a “Contect to Zwift” button like Strava (and the Googles and others).

But go sign up on WTRL’s site so that you can do their races, which Zwift is promoting. During the registration they ask you for the ID. That’s just one example.

Yeah, I know. I’m just saying that “Make Zwift ID Easily Accessible” is the wrong thing to solve. They should fix the root cause.