Can you separate chat?

I exclusively ride on zwift ( mainly in workout mode) but over recent months I’ve been noticing that the majority of chat is from runners…. And runners who are no where near me at the time is seems too.

I like the chat feature in a group workout or group ride, but having messages popping up from in the middle of a red block about running is a bit distracting :rofl:

Can chat be made visible to only other users doing that activity?
I.e only runners see chat from other runners and cyclists see only cyclists chat ?


I’d say you’ve got a point there… :+1:

Alas… :zzz:

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As both a runner and a cyclist… I can say typing while running is a special skill! I do not have it. So congratulate them! :wink:

If you slide away your box with the nearby Zwifters, which I mostly do, you lose the chats. However, like with the power profile at the bottom, I do not think either of them can be swiped away for some weird reason while you’re in workout mode.

But for other rides, that’s the way to go. And you get to see more. I ride without nearby and power profile unless it’s forced on me.