Event chat issues

When I’m in an race or event I can see the admins messages but no one else’s. I can send messages out and it’s posted on my chat screen but I don’t believe anyone else can see it. Same with private messaging. I’ve gone through the settings and notifications and they are all on so I can’t figure out why I can see admin comments but nothing else. Contacted zwift support and they reckon it’s a network or connection issue but that doesn’t make sense as I get the admins messages no problem. Any ideas?

You only see messages from people within a certain distance of you.
However it sounds like you are already aware of that and are sure that’s not the issue?

Yeah that’s correct even if I’m in a bunch it makes no difference.

How old are you? Or is your age set incorrectly? Minors can’t use chat.

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Correct my age wasn’t in properly thanks mate

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