Change the "Ride On" text to "Run On" for runners

When giving runners a Ride On the text in the companion app and else where still says Ride On. Change the text to be Run On for runners.

I’m torn by this. Obviously “Ride On” makes no sense as a runner - but it’s also the trademark Zwift phrase. As Zwift expands though, that’ll need to change. Maybe a “Zwift On” to cover every activity?

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Running has been around long enough that the ‘Ride On’ acknowledgment should be replaced with something more appropriate. My suggestion would be to use ‘High Five’ instead, which I think is fairly universal. You could even re-purpose the floating hand that was used (I think) for St. Patrick’s Day.

It makes sense. There’s some more discussion from last year about this and other running-related aspects of Zwift here:

Reading this post from @Mike_McCarthy1, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if changing “Ride On” is coming down the track.

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