FYI - keyboard shortcuts (how to switch to metric units!)

I played around with the keyboard a little this morning while riding and encourage others to do the same. Among other things I learned:
u: toggles units
l: locks/logs-out the user! you keep riding, but the screen is locked and you need to log back into Zwift (do this to your buddies while they are riding in class)
something else brought up customizations and something else brought up the save/pause menu. I’m sure there are others out there. I was hoping to stumble on some view/perspective changes or that sort of thing (or ideally find some button that makes my avatar unbuckles his helmet, through it on the side of the road, get out of the saddle and KOM the next hill) but alas.

More KB shortcuts:
0-9: Different camera angles… very cool! I esp like #7, I believe - the spectator view from about 50m ahead as you fly by.

ESC - exit the ride. Prompts you to save or discard but I haven’t yet figured out how to resume :frowning:

Thanks for the tips. Putting it in view 9 helped with the frame speed and overall satisfaction.