Left and right movement

(.) #1

Hi All and Zwift,

I have been thinking recently that a small degree of controllable
lateral movement for our Avatars might be a good idea.

The companion app could have a left and right button
to enable you to move to place yourself in the draft for racing
economy, or out of the draft, to help to overtake those in front.

Any thoughts?
Ride On.


(Nigel ) #2

I agree. CVRcade has this now.


(P) #3

Good idea, but I would like to be able to select it with Apple tv remote and/or pc keyboard arrow keys!


(Ole-Kristian) #4

It would be nice if I could give Zwift a hint to where I want to go. When I use the birds view during a race, I often find myself taking wind even if there is space for me behind the riders in front of me. Either the algorithem should be better, there is no reason I would like to take wind if didn’t choose to, or I should be able to override the algorithem and steer with the left-right arrow keys.