Two Features I'd Like

Hi Zwift and Zwifters,
I’d like to put forward the the request for the ability to use two companion app
devices at once. I want this feature so that I can use one for map the another
for chat or checking events etc.

Maybe this is something that Zwift is working on already as the future steering
option means fixing your phone to the handlebars. I for one would rather fix a
second (do I really mean 3rd ?) phone to the bars rather than my main phone.
(maybe I’d need 3 phones then)
On that matter I would rather not actually steer my bike, but would prefer to have
a left and right button on companion app to enable movement. (on the 3rd phone. LOL)
I’d rather have a button placed on each shifter to enable movement. One for right and the other for left. Maybe someone has a better idea.

My second request is for all Zwifters that we follow or who are following us are
organised into their differing countries. My lists are a right mess. Its difficult to find
a Zwifters profile whilst riding and scrolling through the random list.

“Ride On”


I had to read this a bunch of time to understand why you need 2 or 3 companion apps… yes I am slow… LOL

So I get that you want to see the Map, I agree I also like to see the map all the time, so I found that I run on my second screen. Or you can use

For the chat I have a keyboard on my handle bars it makes typing so much easier. Also the Zwifthacks will show all the chat, so you can follow conversation even if you miss it on screen.

Yes turning buttons will be nice, maybe give us the option to add a game controller. I made a game controller that will track my steering and my brake levers.

O yes I use a PC for zwift

Hi Gerrie,
I like the solutions you have found.
I don’t run a second screen but it might be something I could
set up.
I’d not thought of a keyboard on my bars as I have been
trying to use voice activated text which I quite like and
I have also tried discord which is ok. Keyboard on the bars
might be a step too far for me.

I just thought I could use my second phone to make things easier.
I don’t have a permanent setup at the moment in that I generally
have to set up before I ride and after ride pack away again.

My “Permanent Zwift Setup” will hopefully come in the next
Zwift released update. LOL (I’ve been asking for that for some
while now) LOL

I’m impressed with your game controller idea. That is most
probably well out of my depth. A couple of buttons wired to a
usb will do me. If some one can tell me where to buy them, I
can manage to zip tie them to my levers. LOL

“Ride On”

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