Circle with Jet

What is that? Is that a wind indicator? I have no idea with no text label. Also I was hitting that green sprint with more watts ~ 1100 and had slower time than when I hit it with like 950w, that’s why I thought it was wind.

Finally, bring back the orange sprint, laps are boring! I had some good head to head sprints to the orange line.

I love Zwift! Can’t wait for future levels and maps. Great work guys.

Weird, now it’s like a burrito or something.

Why not both?

The jet makes you more aerodynamic (faster) when you hit the space bar. The burrito makes you undraftable when you hit the spacebar. Not sure what a burrito has to do with drafting - perhaps it is the output product from the rider that has this effect.

Dickson, I agree, I like long efforts as well. I was partly kidding around, there is only so much room for sprints on a 3 mile loop. Doing 3 loop x2 is a good workout.

I like the zwift visuals and audio cues for sprinting on the trainer, it’s great to be able to see a start and finish and how you can have your head all the way down and hear the finish sound. Sprint intervals with just the garmin are more random bursts based on time.

Ok I get it now. I was able to use the power ups, tried several of them. Pretty fun!

How closely do you want to draft someone who just ate a bean burrito?

That is too funny. I have a riding buddy who thinks it’s funny to let it rip, it drives me nuts.

As a UI (ERP software) designer myself, I envy you guys who get to be funny and creative with the product. I have tested a lot of betas of both business applications and games, and I can say without hesitation that this is a very polished and well executed product. Great job guys!

And looking back now how is it going? So much better!