In game options

All I’ve figured out so far is M brings up messages, t changes rider options… What else am I missing? Can we change direction on the island? Can I adjust graphics settings? Can I run in full screen?

T-User customization
A-Ant devices
1-0 Number Keys - Change camera view
ESC - End ride

I think some of the F keys do stuff too (F10 takes a picture?)

I think at the current time graphics settings are determined automatically, you can only travel in one direction (unless you’re an AI), and you can get into full screen by maximizing the window.

I don’t have anything to add except nice riding tonight. I didn’t realize you wanted to sprint the finish since they replaced the Orange sprint segment with a full lap but you recovered well and put down a pretty awesome green sprint time. I wish I could see a replay from your perspective.

Cool riding with you, nice to have those fun random exchanges!

F1-9 manages the gestures and built in phrases “Ride On”, “I’m Toast” etc.

So that makes me wonder, is there a user guide I’ve somehow missed?

I don’t think that there is a user manual yet. The game is still in beta, and stuff is changing all the time. If a user manual were to be written, it would likely have to be re-written with future releases.

My guess is that an official user guide will be released with the public release of the game. For right now, I think they are trying to make the game as easy to understand as possible without a manual, and any of the more “hidden” features will be discussed here in the community until they are made more obvious.

I was also riding along with you guys (Walter & Nathan) last night. I am glad thay you posted the key strokes as I pressing random keys last night trying to figure all of them out.

@John and Nathan, sorry I had to bail on you guys but I was limiting myself to 6 easy laps with a few sprints thrown in. Typing and cycling can be tricky. I was typing something and when I looked up Nathan was sprinting away.