Event classification window does not close when the event ends

At the end of the event, a screen appears with the classification. This screen does not close automatically, this means that if I want to continue I must go to my computer, close the window and return to the roller to continue…

Hello @Xose_M

Shuji at Zwift HQ. Are you talking about the results screen you see at a race event, or the Streaks screen?

I am referring to the screen that appears when the event ends and in which the classification, average power. A close button appears which, if not pressed, the screen does not close, forcing the cyclist to go to the computer.

If you use zwift on a computer and want to continue on the event route, you must go to the computer. Normally, this screen would close by itself after 3-5 seconds.


I asked the team that created the Race Results screen, which has evolved a little bit since its introduction. The old version had a countdown timer that would auto close, but the current one no longer auto-closes. This is expected behavior.

a workaround could be trying out one of those “turn your iphone into a mouse” apps, never used one myself, but might be an option.

It is really annoying. What was the reason for this change?