Need a Method For Dismissing the Race Results Screen Without Using a Keypad

I can’t operate a touchscreen when I’m sweaty. When you cross the finish line in a Zwift race, the Race Results screen pops up, which is fine, but I can’t get past it because I can’t operate my device’s touchscreen until I stop sweating, which will take 10-15 minutes.

If I use a Bluetooth keyboard, I can press Escape, but that just sends me to the Exit & Save screen. If I press Escape on that screen, I end up back at the Race Results screen. Now I’m in an infinite loop.

There needs to be some way of dismissing all the screens so I can go back to riding (so I can do a cooldown, for instance) without the need to drag my sweaty finger across a touchscreen. I sweat a lot more than most people and would really appreciate the ability to use the keyboard for everything.

It goes off by itself if you do nothing.

Not a shortcut key you just have to wait for it to go away or you can try one of these they work really well. I have used one for years.

Trackball on the right.

I since upgraded to a track ball mouse since I have a sliding KB tray in front of the bike.

Sounds like you need a stylus pen. They are just pen shaped objects with a rubbery/spongey tip that works on capacitive touch screens. You should be able to find one for about $5 (there are even DIY versions).


I use a mouse, and I made a higher-than-average table to use it on, as well as a keyboard and computer.

Sometimes it does and other times it doesn’t, I’ll get a 1 minute countdown until it disappears and other times there’s no countdown and I have to hop off the bike and go to the computer to dismiss (can’t dismiss from companion app)