Survey popups

Please eliminate or move the feedback survey popups (and any other type of popup window) until after a ride has been saved. I use an Apple TV and the companion app as my control device. The popups require me to switch to the Apple remote to get rid of the feedback popup. When I first started using Zwift I would just press the ‘end ride’ button on the companion app and when the ‘save ride’ button appeared I would press it and I was done.

The worst part is if I press the ‘save ride’ button on the companion app and didn’t see there was a popup window on the TV screen my ride data gets corrupted and I cannot view it. This has happened several times to my wife and I and is very frustrating. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to between the Apple remote and companion app to get rid of the popup before saving.

In addition, why can’t I just respond to the feedback (such as ‘steering’) once and not be bothered with it appearing almost after every ride???

Totally agree, although for me it’s no more than an annoyance. I’ve done the steering feedback at least twice and still get the popup. The one at the beginning that tells you how to use the steering (I don’t) is equally annoying.

Zwift, are you listening?

It kind of feels like the team (person) that looked after Pace bots dev has left and no-one knows how to turn the surveys off.