End of ride seems abnormal and unfinished with a few other issues

I have played many video games and there are a few things that bug me about zwift. I could be off base here since I have only been using it for a week or so. 

First, why when I go to start a ride. I cannot find the player I want to ride with so it would seem to be normal if there was a search function there.

Second, if I am in game i can see people on the right of the screen. Why can’t I right click and select ride with player?

Third, my biggest thing I was like “what just happened” is when I finish a ride and select strava. It  just closes the game. There is no game or program that I am aware of that did this ever. Why not kick you out to the home screen or a profile page. I know it shows you your ride after your done. However, it just feels like it drops you off a cliff when you say I am done riding.

Lastly,  when viewing other riders is there a hotkey to go back to the default view of yourself?



The game is addictive and I love it good job. I realize you just released it and it is never “finished” just putting in my .02.


Why can’t I right click and select ride with player?

Lot’s of good questions and ideas there, but on this one I think the reason is that it would break up the virtual GPS trail of your ride if you teleported from one place to another.  The resulting .fit file and Strava integration would get pretty odd if one could jump to locations.

It will be interesting to see how they utilize the recently added “followers” functionality.  Possibly when someone you follow is riding the interface could make it more clear so that you can do a u-turn (press down arrow on keyboard or button on mobile app) and join them more easily.


I get what you are saying when you end and save a ride. I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t changed since the beta started a year ago. However, I understand the possible perspective from Zwift in that this isn’t a “game” but a cycling workout “tool” and when I end the ride, i’m ending my workout and I’m done so just exit. Yes, it seems and feels abrupt but if you take Duane’s point about GPS and the .FIT file that is generated for your activity (and upload to Strava if linked) then this behavior starts to make sense.

As the product matures, I hope they build in some sort of “Lounge” that you first enter when you start up the “game”. From the “Lounge” you can simply chat with other players and then decide to just ride or start a workout. When you complete a ride or workout, you would be brought back to the “Lounge” and from there again you can make the decision to just hang out and chat or again start a new ride or workout. 

Patience is all I can say. And cross your fingers and toes. :slight_smile:

Yes ending a workout is one of the worst experiences on Zwift - as is, to be honest, most of the UI itself.

I’ve already posted in the suggestions about improving this, at the very least you should remain logged in after saving your ride, allowing you to do as you please, be it start a new ride, workout or just watch the game.

When I started using Zwift I thought it was crashing, but after several updates later realised it really was just dumping you out.

I can agree with all of this. The sudden dump at the end has always left me feeling dissatisfied. Overall fantastic experience though!

Just thought of and easy end to Zwift…

Swift Logo box saying “Well Done, You cycled XXX Miles - Zwift will close in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

At least you would know what was happening.

I reported this back in May.  I don’t think Zwift is going to fix it.