End the Ride where you started it? Make Zwift a bit more realistic?

I’m writing this here and not in Feature Requests cause I don’t know if I want this Feature requested, I just want to discuss it for now.

In real life you get out of your house (or your car) and start to ride. At the end of the ride you have to get back home (or to your car).

How about that on Zwift? What about an option, that you can only quit the game, if you are somewhere near your starting point?
Of course You’d need then some navigation device, that tells you where to go.
(Or some “give me the shortest route home” if you’re toast. Or a “call my spouse to get me” :D)

Since the last few rides I try to get back to my starting point before quit the game, just to make it look good on strava.

Most if not all my rides finish at the start banner, I just have to have it look nice in Strava. If i am pressed for time I will ride to an intersection that I passed so that at least I have a closed loop.
I may have a bit of OCD.


It seems to me you can, or anyone, already have this simply by not stopping until you get back to the start. For this reason, I suspect you won’t get a lot of support for the request. I would prefer Zwift spend development time on new roads and other features we cannot achieve on our own like a customizable user interface where we can show and hide what we want of all the available data.

Ride on!


Why is making it look good on Strava important? Zwift is a virtual world, not a real one and does not work the same way.


This. If you do the Volcano Circuit then Strava makes it look like you were riding out in the ocean.

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I don’t get it. Most of the routes are laps anyway so as suggested you already ride until you are at the start/finish banner. Then the odd few that aren’t (Road to the Sky for example?) finishes at the KOM banner at the top of AdZ and while I might roll back down again to cool down, CBA riding back to the “beachfront” start line.

Plus it’s Zwift. Maybe your aim is to ride for 1hr or 2hrs, in which case the picture / location on the screen is largely irrelevant. “Hold on, I can’t stop now I need to park my bike in the garage!” isn’t going to fly with my wife either.


Every single Zwift ride ends in the exact same place where I started: sitting on a bike, on a trainer, in a room in my house.

No matter how long I ride or how virtually ‘far’ I go…



Because I am crazy. LOL

I just don’t like the way my warmup rides look.

I don’t need or want Zwift to force me to ride to the start.


OK, I understand you all.
Now you can delete this thread :wink:

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You’ve never parked one car at the end of a long ride and another car at the beginning, so that you didn’t have to do a loop?

Or had your wife meet you at a tavern at the far end.


Nope, I don’t have two cars. In fact I’ve never used a car to go biking. Always started from home.

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What would be cool (not needed) would be to have GTA style houses we can start from (or not) so we have the choice to do a warm up ride before tackling a circuit.

Typically, in this scenario, the second vehicle is provided by a riding companion. Alternatively, a bus or train could close the loop. My point is that, in reality, not all cycling excursions are closed loops. Of course, your personal circumstances may dictate otherwise.

hmm… and will it be part of the Zwift scenario (as it is in GTA) a quest with a bank robbery (by using a bike). And later a police group chase (also by using a bike)? …just curious)))