End Ride Quits Game

I am curious as to why the choice was made to exit the application COMPLETELY upon finishing a ride.

It seems like there should be an option when ending ride to either a) EXIT the application or b) Start a new ride (eg join race, start new training, free ride, etc)

Thanks guys!

Bob McGee 

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I do agree with this comment.

It does go back to the main menu on ZiOS (Zwift on iOS), but not on PC or Mac.

I agree, ending a ride should to back to the main menu on all supported platforms, not just mobile.

It’s a very commonly-asked-for feature, so let’s push them to support it.

I agree. Wish it would just allow you to start another ride.

This is such an obvious ‘should have’ feature that it makes me wonder why it wasn’t implemented that way from inception :frowning:

ditto…  sometimes when I try to hook up with friends on the fly, I must exit and restart to join them… it would be soooo much more convenient to NOT EXIT at end of ride… please fix… slow computers take a while to relaunch… cyclists like to keep moving :slight_smile:


thanks…and hoping you move it up on the priority list… maybe priority ought to be weighted by overall MILES ridden on ZWIFT by the community asking for the feature!   Democracy in action!

Why is this not resolved? It makes Zwift look so bad and poorly thought through

Please, dear Zwift developers, finally fix this troublesome problem.

It’s ridiculous that this isn’t fixed yet

Hi guy’s, go on and deliver.  It is so frustrating to restart the game only for starting a new ride.


Let’s make it happen.



I too cannot understand it.  Its so annoying I am going to quit Zwift. Such a buggy program.  My laptop fan hits 1millionn rpm when running it - no other app even makes it audible.  What a shame as it could be so amazing. A 1hr workout turns into a frustrating 2hr IT trouble shooting match and then when you finish your workout is lost and all the level ups are GONE. COME ON GUYS ITS NOT THAT HARD.