Smarter usage of pacebot feedback form


I understand that collecting feedback is important. However I get a popup window soliciting feedback after every pacebot ride. Which when using Zwift and the bots daily quickly becomes annoying. I click the ‘not now option’ , knowing the same pop up will appear again tomorrow and the day after and the day after etc. I also guess that it may mean you don’t get the most meaningful feedback all of the time.
Some of my feedback not being directed at the pacebot experience but the way in which you continuously prompt for feedback.

I’ve tried using this feedback option several times to feedback on the feedback box (somewhat ironic). I also more recently sent an email and have been directed here.

A few thoughts on basic options for improvement.
Allow the option to surpress this popup.
Or only show it every so often x pct of the time
Or show it, but it disappears if not clicked on within X seconds.
Instead of popup put a button on summary screen so those who want to give feedback can.

on Apple TV filling in the feedback after a paced ride is just way too hard !