Zwift app interface

People rave about zwift, and some of them practically twisted my arm to signup so I did. However, I’ve found the app to be awfully designed. It makes no sense to me that I cannot get to the settings or profile page for myself, without it actually starting a ride that I have to then delete! Most apps have sensor connections as a one time thing n settings, why is that splash page the first thing on zwift every time? I’ve also not seen any activities updated to my strata, even though I’ve connected the apps on my.zwift. Looking through the forums, I’ve seen people have been complaining about the interface since at least 2016, so I’m guessing this is not going to go anywhere either lol… but I thought I’d provide the feedback anyway. Thanks!

That’s the way it is. That’s the way it always has been, and most probably always will be.



Lol … peace out, in that case!

Yes the issue you raise has been the most vote issue for 5 years now and yet they refuse to pay attention. Something else you will find out very quickly is that zwift has no support, they hide behind this forum where users become ‘support’. If you do find out how to get hold of ‘support’ you won’t get a reference number and most likely they won’t respond. My last issue was ignored for 20 days before somebody responded asking if I still have the issue. Enjoy :wink: