Zwift Laptop interface!

Zwift Laptop interface !

Is it me ? Or is the Laptop interface really that badly laid out ?

I open Zwift, and enter my password.
Then the ride selection page is there, fine !
If I want to look at my stats of where I am at, over the whole scheme of things , there seems to me to be no way to access this information.
I can chose a ride to do, and thats it!
Or exit, and Zwift shuts down completely.

I have just completed my first Race, the ANZC race. And fortunately didn’t quite come in last.
By the time I got of my bike, had a sip of water , the screen was back at the chose a ride !
I wanted to see, my race results, But could not find a way to do this.

I restart the Zwift web site this time to look at my profile, and may be see any results. No just a ride picture, with no placement result at all.

Is the Zwift interface so dysfunctional, you can not access your personal info from the Choose ride screen?

I am bemused, confused, and bewildered. Some guidance would be most appreciated.

Yeah, unfortunately you need to use the companion app or to see results. There’s very little continuity between the game, website and companion app.

Thakyou for the info,
I tried to get into the zwiftpower but failed every time. regarding the number. I entered the correct number but it just goes no further. time after time so a gave up.

Flippin hopeless all this security, codes, passwords stuff. The world is going to stop one day because of a password !

I totally agree that the companion app should be enhanced to allow users to see route badges, challenge progress, select kit changes, and swap frames an wheels.

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