Zwift application crash before saving ride to strava

On a Macbook pro. started a pre - race warmup ride and chose to try the new “ride with Coco Cadence” feature. rode for about 10 miles then joined my event. event completed. after hitting “end ride” was presented with a survey screen for the ride with Coco feature. clicked “not now” to skip the survey and app crashed. .fit file was corrupted. (but fixable with fitfiletools time stamp and ride date corrections)

sounds like you found a bug

Same here ,warmed up with Bot Brevet then joined event , finished did survey saved and exited all looked fine but did not upload to Strava or Garmin. File was corrupt said ride in progress which I fixed with fit tool.

@rydrummond and @J_Burgess

Please send us your log files for that day so we can investigate. Here’s where to locate your logs..

We’d like to have you send in your computer’s specs too. Here’s how to pull that information.

Attach them to an email to please, and reference this forum discussion URL. Thanks!

sent, thanks

Sent thanks

I had the same problem. Rode with Diesel Dan, then did a race. After event was over, completed the survey, hit save and got the error in the activity and ride did not upload to Strava. I also never received credit for the Off The Mapp Tour stage 4 due to the error.

Same here, it also doesn’t count drops and km, to the statistics. I think the not working survey is the problem.

Same for me. Today a really short pre-warm up with coco, only cause she crossed my ride. Two minutes in the group around the bot, than I choosed a different direction and left the group. Continue my warm up for twenty minutes and joined the event, MAAP Race Stage 1. After completion the upload failed and no credit for the event.
I will send my files as well to the support.